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I will be having another straight afterwards so we can have two. I had two children in my 20s. Anyway, just before Leo and I came to the end of our relationship, he stopped calling me and taking me out to places that we would go to together even though I was personally invited and expected me to be waiting for him to contact me after weeks of no telephone contact etc.

We also had no sex life for over a year prior to that so there was no strong bond in that department. It was dead as a door nail basically. We broke up finally and I was happy being single. Two weeks later I met someone new and it was love at first site and a true love experience which I now know, I have never had before. What I thought was love before wasn't at all so I have been enlightened. So one day Leo calls me, I dont recognise the number as its not in my phone anymore and I asked who it was because I did not recognise the voice straight away and it turns out to be Leo man.

He sounded surprised I had already forgotten him. He started trying to be all nice on the phone as if nothing had happened and it was obvious, that he had nothing better to do and after two weeks wanted to call me. He carried on talking as if we were good friends and Ihad to put him out of his misery. I told him about my new man, marriage and having babies which he always asked me for, but which I told him NO - not in a million years.

He was so shocked it was hilarious. He asked me where he was from and if I was happy and I told him in no uncertain terms that I was blissfully happy. He could not take it. He was so annoyed and cut the telephone conversation off and put the phone down. Then seconds later I get a text asking me for money LOL - what a peasant. He is so jealous and it is the perfect end to a horrendous experience.

I know that now I am not around he misses me and I dont care a damn. He isnt even a man. Revenge is sweet, especially when you don't seek it or make an effort to make it happen. Its just natural justice. I never thought his personally would be similar to his zodiac. I read almost every comment where you all were going through with a Leo.

My Leo boyfriend have drove me nuts. We're good friends before but decided to go out. He can be charming and a sweet talker.

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Sine Leo are lion they try to win their mate. So he won my heart right but at the same time he was trying to woo me he was still talking to his exgf that I didn't know of while he did that. After we gone out and I found out I confronted him about it and fixed the problem. I still am wondering if he is roaming around with other women because after I found out a lot of stuff that he kept away I still wonder if he'll deceive me.

They say Leos are loyal to their mates but I feel like they'll still roam around because Leos like attention. If your busy they'll go out and roam. Leos are jealous but my Leo tries to make me jealous to see if I care which I hated because he tried to make me jealous as a joke. After what he did joking about being out with some girl I hated it and broke my heart but he stated he was joking. Afterwards he'll come back to you to try to fix it and apologize, so he won't hurt me again and try to fix his actions.

I basically went through a roller coaster with my leo man. I learn different tactics because I been reading people's experiences with leos. Before we'll talk for days then he'll want space and get upset if u bother him. I thought he was out roaming and cheating but he called me to assure me he wasn't and that he want some alone time. After a few days of no talking it bugs me because I don't think its good for a relationship to not talk for over a few days or week. I tried to see how he is doing and didn't pick up but he called me back later. Afterwards he missed me and we talked but recently he been moody.

If I don't tell him where I'm at and what I'm doing he'll text me what you doing? Where are u? When I'm out chilling he tells me to go home. It not like I am at a club, party, or anywhere where men are at. I feel suffocated at times but I try to be patient because I know he is Leo and craves attention and etc. Just one thing I been reading have been that Leos crave attention and are controlling. They tell you what to do but if you tell them what to do they'll say stuff like I can take care of myself you need to care of yourself.

Like what the hell? You don't win if you want to care for them they'll just be cold to you at times. Did I mention he barely got me any gifts. Even if he gives u a gift its cheap by what I seen but to me I didn't care on gifts as long as he is loyal and cares for me emotionally though other ways but he do take me out to nice restaurants so that matters. End It and Be Happy by: Anonymous In my experience Leo men are not remotely loyal unless you are ready to be a servant and slave to their needs and whims.

Leo is not a sign that will cherish you and make you feel like a Queen and adored above all other women. Leo men can be selfish, arrogant, controlling and tedious in their lack of understanding and inability to listen to others. Leo craves adoration without needing to earn it. They think the world should bow down to them just because thats what they want. They have no concept of humility. They would make the worst knights in shining armour if they were still in existence. Ditch him quick! You all are so right. I have been one and off with my Leo for more than a year but recently he put the icing on the cake.

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He's 15 years older than me and that makes it even worse; no excuse for a 41 year old man to be this way. But anyway, he doesn't want to give me what I need but expects me to sit around and wait for him to make up his mind about what he wants. Just a few days ago, I actually see him and we have a talk abiut what happened between us. I finally get him to admit the fact that he's selfish and never considered my feelings.

I told him that I would like to give it another try and we both agree. On another note that night he was all over me and I decided to go home anyway because I didnt want us to start over on a bad note. So Sunday night he doesnt pick up his phone nor does he repsond to my text messages. I finally spoke to this bastard yesterday morning and he was at work. His excuse was that he was sick. His repsonse was of course as if nothing was wrong. He thinks that this is a game! After that I blocked his number,told him how much of a loser he was, and left it at that.

Let's also mention that I am the only one who he could depend on and trust. He doesnt get along with his family and his friends are not that dependable.

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He seems to think that my feelings are irrelevant. I dont know about this cocky attitude that they have but it is not cute or funny when a 41 year old man plays mind games. What exactly do you have to boast about. Your a old man and a loser and that is nothing to be proud of. I am to blame in part for even chosing to talk to him but I honestly thought that he was being sincere. But as always you never know what you have until it is gone. I took care of his every need and have nothing to show for it.

Never Again!! BTW I am Pisces female with some backbone. Maybe that is why he cant deal with me because he wants to run things.

They Suck! Crazy Leo Man by: Anonymous They are crazy. My husband was a Leo and they are so sneaky you never know what is on their mind but he was loyal. Now I'm dating another Leo man and he is the most arrogant person you ever want to meet, he think he is the next best thing to God, he always pointing out my faults which are petty and he acts like he has none. I treat him like a King but yet he says I don't do nothing for him, he is lazy, always want to argue, and he acts like a girl sometimes.

Now how many men with hold sex from their mates because you said something they didn't like, he is a trip and I about had it with him. One thing about him is he is generous and chilvary, but other then that oh please the attitude this man have, like he's doing me a favor because we've gotten back together after being apart for 11 years. That's when I caught him cheating and then he married her and she dogged him the whole 7 years they were together, and you know what, that is what he gets.

He is a trip, I can't say that for all Leo men but this one here is a trip. A short story of Leo and Libra love by: Libra Lady I am dating a leo guy for almost a year now but thinking of ending this relationship soon because it feels like it doesnt make any sense!. Leo and Libra relationship is really amazing when new. Had I known things were going to end up so bad and boring, I would have made better decisions.

His constant need for praise, jealousy, arrogance, etc. I just ignore it!! I think its funny, like how a monkey plays with his poop! This man is very generous, provides for the family, appears to be the perfect man. I think it has a lot to do with his upbringing and circumstances, but a lot of it is attributed to his LEO sign. I told him on many occasions to leaveā€¦he said he is never leaving me!

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I always thought women were crazy for staying in relationships for the kids, but they adore him so much and he is wonderful to them so I am hesitant to just be so abrupt. Nevertheless, I feel trapped,bored, disgusted and betrayed. If things don't improve soon, its time to put this Lion to sleep!!!! Good Luck by: Anonymous Good luck with getting rid but be careful and make sure he cant get to you. Leos like this totally suck.

They arent men at all. Get yourself a real man who adores you and treats you like the most important person that you are. I am getting married to a Cancer and he is the love of my life. If there are health problems, the person is more likely to make it through them without complications. Finally, on April 29th , Saturn stations retrograde at 21 degrees Capricorn , within three degrees of Pluto.

Around the week of the station, you may experience the same types of emotions that were brought up around April 24th, when Pluto stationed retrograde. You might feel the drudge of daily routine and responsibility at your job. Do cautiously invest in something important to you. February 17, Something about your financial future may seem confusing, foggy, or uncertain right now.

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You may have not understood something about your taxes, investments, loans, etc. Reassessment of certain consequences or penalties. You could choose to invest financially in a dream.

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Running into an obstacle between obtaining the higher education you need for your career and actually getting a job prospect you desire. Feeling like the ethics and principles practiced at your day job are not aligning with your personal code. Traveling farther than you planned to a better doctor to get good health care.

Finding someone who can help you with complicated money matters.

Budgeting for your hobbies or creative projects. Learning something new about the financial world, such as how to invest or do your own taxes, etc. You could go from part time to full time, or vice versa. You could work from home instead of the office. There are a huge variety of ways this could manifest. You may meet someone new, either at your job or in your career field, who will have an important impact on your life. A friend could be dealing with a serious accident or sudden health problem. You may feel caught between financial responsibilities and keeping up with group events and offerings.

You could lose a friend in some capacity. Quick tempered, blunt and nasty when they have been affronted, they are deeply hurt by malice or hostility. Although, they may suffer from short bouts of depression when life doesn't meet their expectations, they bounce back quickly and move on with their normal cheerful and demonstrative nature. O f all the planets within our solar system, Mercury is nearest to the Sun.

There is a direct correspondence to this fact in the mapping of an individual's birth chart. I t is likely that you will be able to determine where Mercury was at the time of your birth without consulting an astrologer. By reading the three potential profiles, it is often uncanny how clearly one of them will fit to us. I thought you would enjoy trying this out for yourself. I am always interested to know what you think and discover.

Feel welcome to write! Material is currently being developed on the other planets. If you are interested, we would be pleased to keep you updated on their progress. L eos like to live on a grand scale. First class is the only way to go and luxury is comfort. In professional life, they do well in a career where there is room at the top. In the political arena, they keep going until they reach a powerful position in government.

But if you learn from them, you'll be a better person. It's how you handle adversity, not how it affects you. The main thing is never quit, never quit, never quit. L eos always strive for a position of leadership. They are excellent organizers, managers and leaders. Many of them go into business for themselves. They are ambitious by nature, and prefer to take charge and delegate. Leos possess a strong creative and dramatic bend, and you will find many in the theater and film industry. They become stars of stage or screen, talented musicians, or well known painters. I n personal relationships, Leo is open, sincere, genuine, trusting and generous.

Although outgoing, spontaneous, warm-hearted and straight forward, a tragic flaw in Leo is gullibility. L eos are not great judges of character and are inclined to treat those close to them as if they were perfect beings incapable of wrongdoing. Because no one can possibly live up to this kind of expectation, Leo is often and devastatingly disappointed.

They do recover quickly however, and may have numerous love affairs. L eo, a fire sign, is fill of optimism and enthusiasm, they are outgoing and exuberant individuals who love people and company. Fiercely loyal to those they love, Leos are also fiercely possessive, but in a manner based upon respect not control. In all significant relationships, Leo commits and settles in for the long pull. They expect, from the beginning, that this firm commitment is reflected in equal measure by their partners.

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When this trust is breached, Leo is deeply wounded and greatly offended. Proud and unyielding, Leos love their own freedom and do not put up with restraints of any kind. They are truly at their finest when the object of their attention shows appreciation of these qualities by reflecting freedom and self respect within their own life.