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Anaiya Iqbal July 2, at AM. Jason Born November 17, at AM. I have nothing but respect for him. Ms von Strunckel, for example, would never pronounce upon the Queen's hairdo. Instead, she is at pains to emphasise that she has always been a deep-thinker; and tells me the outline of her early life, as if to explain that astrology was a natural progression for a young philosopher like her. She was born in Hollywood, an only child, "and one who was very interested in thought and ideas". Her father was a vice-president of Lockheed, the aircraft company; her mother a middle-class Californian housewife.

For a woman whose career is based on knowing the exact dates of people's birthdays, she is rather vague about her own. She is, she tells me in answer to my question, "Cancer, with Sagittarius rising and an Aquarius moon. The only Cancers who step out into the media have Aquarius moons. Cancers are quite vulnerable, as you probably know, and sensitive.

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Later, however, she admits to growing up in the Fifties. There were talks one could go to about Eastern and Western thought. As a teenager, one of my favourite places to go was something called the Vedanta Society, which was founded by a modern Indian saint, whose followers included Aldous Huxley. They had lectures in Hollywood which were brilliant - so thought-stimulating. But she also felt that an intellectual challenge was lacking in her life - a gap she filled with evening classes in astrology.

When she was 29, she finally decided to give up her day job. It then occurred to me that I could work as an astrologer. I knew it was somewhat mad - but I also knew that if I reached 65, and hadn't tried it, I would always regret it. From the start, she provided her clients - who included lawyers and company executives - with astrologically-based legal and financial advice, as well as more conventional emotional predictions.

They were clearly impressed, and she was soon asked to do personal consultations in New York and London. In , von Strunckel attended a Bow Group conference in Oxford - "I'm very interested in political and economic astrology," she says airily, without going into further details it seems unlikely that the Bow Group has regular discussions about the stars, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, it was at this conference that Shelley met her husband, a barrister named Nigel Gerald "a Capricorn," she adds, by way of explanation. After their marriage, she started commuting between London and New York, and in she was asked to write her first column, for a glossy American magazine called Mirabella. Mirabella was published by Rupert Murdoch, who also published Patric Walker's column in the States - and someone called from Murdoch's office saying would I be interested in meeting Patric?

And until my foot hit the pavement outside the hotel where he was staying, I didn't realise there was something in it for me. The meeting was electric - we both recognised that. In a past life, this was someone that I had known before. We talked for hours - but it was also as if we didn't have to say anything. Then he walked over to the phone and called the Standard and said, 'I've found her!

The following summer, von Strunckel was appointed astrologer to the Sunday Times the first quality newspaper to make the leap into the stars , in part because of her illustrious association with Patric Walker. At this point, perhaps predictably, Walker became a little bit huffy with his new protegee. I happened to interview him at the time - a dapper year- old, who looked like a slightly rakish country gent in town for the day - and Shelley appeared to have fallen from favour; Walker was talking about finding another heir, though, equally predictably, he had not yet made up his mind as to who it should be.

Shelley, however, remains gracious about her previous mentor. The elegance of his writing had begun to reform the image of the subject. It allowed people to say, maybe this is OK. And I think, sadly, that Patric's death has done even more for astrology - because of the degree to which he was eulogised. After he died, people acknowledged the importance of what he said to them. Like Russell Grant, Shelley believes that we are approaching the dawning of an astrological new age: "Our environment has gone from being incredibly materialistically orientated, to one which is craving a philosophical anchor.

For those who scoff at such sentiments, please remember that this is the woman who at the beginning of predicted in the Sunday Times that "Burma is likely to change, with an unexpected detente between the military and the political detainee Aung San Suu Kyi Gemini.

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Less conclusive was her prediction of "a new vigour" for everyone in , and "an optimism not seen since the s". There hasn't been much evidence of vigorous optimism so far this year, but you never know, things might get better by Christmas. As for in general: well, you've guessed it - we're promised a better, brighter world, again. There are those who sidle over and admit that they are quite bereft after Patric Walker's death, and there are the others, who are thrown into a frenzy of irritation at the mere mention of astrology and refuse to accept that the great, the good, and the sensible could ever take it seriously.

I veer towards the sceptics' side, and therefore phone a dozen well-regarded astrologers, demanding to know the names of their clients. The response is discouraging. Robert Currie, a charming old Etonian and former City commodity broker who now runs an astrological consultancy firm called Equinox, says that he has done charts for "a Conservative MP, a well-known Socialist MP, and a current world leader".

He won't reveal their identities, of course.

Neither will Roy Gillett, a former schoolmaster and current chairman of the Astrological Association, who now specialises in using a computer software programme called Astroanalyst to draw up reports for "large institutions in the City". Christine Skinner, a leading light of the Astrological Assoc-iation, is only slightly more specific: "One of my clients does a lot of trade with Germany," she says, so she makes predictions on the future movements of the Deutschmark on the foreign exchange. As for Nesta Wyn-Ellis, she says that she still sends John Major little notes containing astrological advice, and likes to think that he takes them seriously.

justin toper horoscope

But it's hardly conclusive, is it? Ask too many questions, and the whole business looks as flakily vague as Mystic Meg's lottery predictions. And then I remember the end of my meeting with Shelley von Strunckel - the slightly embarrassing bit that I wasn't going to write about. I am sitting in her living-room, with the view of Westminster Cathedral outside, and the plaster angel inside, and she's looking up my stars in her big black book.

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The room is silent, and I think of all the other clients who have perched beside her on this pale suede sofa Princesses? Prime Ministers? Heaven - and Shelley - only knows. Then she turns to me and tells me - confidently, comfortingly - that I, like many others, am living in a period of great uncertainty. And I think, "Yes, Shelley, how right you are. This sounds pretty good to me, although not, perhaps, quite specific enough. Still, according to Shelley, my astrological prospects are better - indeed, brighter - than ever before. And how could anyone argue with that?

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Please enter a valid password. Keep me logged in. Want an ad-free experience? Subscribe to Independent Premium. View offers. Astrology has never been so popular, or such big business. But when the late, great Patric Walker Libra died, it wasn't just his billion readers - or his income - that attracted his aspirant successors; it was his reputation as the Henry James of horoscope writers, as the man who'd made the trade respectable.