Leo lunar horoscope

Let go. There will be a lot of ups and downs this month , so this new moon is a good chance to start off as balanced as you can. When you notice your stress skyrocketing, try to exercise or call a friend. It may be hard to juggle these negative emotions, but your diplomatic self already has all the tools you need to help you get back to baseline.

11:11, Lions Gate – Get The Low Down On This Simmering New Moon...

While this is a recurring theme for you, this new moon will bring it to the forefront of your attention like never before. Embrace not knowing. Be confident in yourself this new moon, Sagittarius. But this is what it looks like: not over-explaining yourself, making choices that feel healthy and moving forward without asking for advice or validation. It feels a lot like freedom.

Surround yourself with people that love you, dear Capricorn —and there are more of them than you think. Just by the sheer virtue of being around the people that love us as we are, we feel more powerful. Let the love fill you up so that it spills out over everything else.

Travel and education will be big themes for you this new moon and for the month ahead. Invest in your education and remember that broadening your horizons can be transformative when you come back to your daily life and see all of the possibilities.

How Leo Season Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Overall, travel and education will either reaffirm or suggest new goals or priorities for your happiness. Commit to yourself, your goals and others this new moon. Here comes the major full moon of the summer: The July full moon and lunar eclipse in Capricorn. ICYMI, we're currently in the middle of eclipse season. And two weeks later, on Jul.

Given that it's summertime and all, I'd love to tell you this is going to be a fun, light, party-time type of full moon — but I can't. It's likely to be intense. Not only will we be dealing with the chaotic energy of literally five retrograde planets , but we're also left to balance the often-chaotic eclipse energy.

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Eclipses are about fate — July's luminaries are not ideal for manifesting, doing magic work, or starting brand new things. Instead, the universe is pouring some truths down on us and helping to show us our path. Submit to the ride and allow yourself to open up to these things — even if they're difficult or not what you had in mind.

This moon is also likely to make us feel extra edgy and dark given a close conjunction with planet Pluto which, I'll note, is also currently retrograde. But even the stormiest of clouds have a silver lining, and if we prepare ourselves for the way this moon may make us feel, perhaps we can make the most of it.

Your New Moon In Leo Horoscope Is Here & You're Shining As Bright As The Sun

This luminary will be hitting every sign's chart in a unique way, so check out how the July full moon will affect you, based on your zodiac sign. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India.

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Moon in Leo. These people often exhibit a tendency of being talented organizers. Basically, they want to create and entertain, although they are not too keen to shape up things as they actually want them to be. They often like to boss around people and love to delegate jobs and tasks to others, in which they excel thoroughly. Most often or not, they are popular amongst people due to their dynamic personality and are also sociable.

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  • They like people to be around them, so that they can sense their own importance and get to exercise their power through leadership. Although these people are one of the most generous, they hate ingratitude and thus want people to thank them whenever they do a favour or two to anyone. These individuals enjoy their sense of freedom and are protective about it. They have an artistic flair attached to their personality and may be connected to arts in some way or the other or just plainly interested in it. They possess a sense of poise and a natural aura of authority along with pride. Such individuals don't normally exhibit the tendency of taking extreme risks unless they are sure that they are going to succeed.

    They don't like to face defeat publicly as they feel it will depict their personality in a negative sense to others.

    Moon in Aries

    Would like to know more about yourself or a beloved? Get a clear personalised, Birth Chart Analysis — Janampatri — and you will get to know all about your life, various planets in your Horoscope, the opportunities you should not miss and the difficult periods that you should be careful of. Also know about your love, career, education and more.

    Positive Qualities Individuals with the moon in Leo are popular amongst people and have a dynamic, pleasing personality. They often tend to have a people centric approach and are generous to others. They love to shower favours on others and are very much giving and kind in nature. They have an inherent sense of fair play in them and are always open to reason. These people are very passionate in nature and usually live their life to the fullest. They are born leaders and can handle power with ease, a quality that comes naturally to them.

    Moon in the 1st house in Leo for Leo ascendant in Astrology

    Such individuals have a lot of integrity and have a strong sense of justice. Such individuals tend to be very idealistic in nature and don't hesitate to make a personal sacrifice if the need arises and if they believe in that particular cause. They may be materialistic, but they also have a huge sense of responsibility and carry out the tasks entrusted to them with great dedication and honour. Another positive quality about them is that they generally don't fall apart when confronted with bad times and face such times with grit and determination. Also, when they are experiencing good and happy times, they are ever ready to share their happiness with others and thus spread cheer all around.