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Due to precession, the Sun rises nowadays in between the constellations of Pisces and Aquarius. Notes 1. It takes about 26, years for the Vernal Equinox to point to all twelve constellations. It takes around one twelfth of the time—roughly 2, years—for the Sun to traverse one Zodiac sign.

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Because constellations lack clear boundaries, it is difficult to say exactly when the Vernal Equinox will move from the constellation of Pisces to the constellation of Aquarius; thus, the so-called Age of Aquarius is said to begin sometime between and AD. The interpretation of signs—from Aries to Pisces—are based on the sign's position within a season, namely Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. The Sidereal system is also known as the Fixed Zodiac.

So, why would I anchor my orientation on another object that swirls along with the rest?

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He adopted an astronomical calculation concerning the starting point of the zodiac which resulted in a fictitious moving tropical zodiac being popularised, which became the basis of the birth of modern Western astrology. The signs of the zodiac we use today do not relate to the constellations from which they derive their name and meaning. The idea of having 12 equal segments reflecting the influence of the stars is a nonsense.

Even stars within a single constellation can have very different influences, and of course there are many more constellations to consider that are not on the ecliptic. To make things even more ridiculous, precession of the equinoxes in the last 2, years means the constellations are a whole sign away from the sun signs bearing their name. Precession is the movement of the stars in relations to the ecliptic. They move forward through our tropical zodiac by about 5 minutes every 6 years, so in one lifetime, or 72 years a star will move one degree forward through the zodiac.

This is because the Earth is tilted and moves around this axis every 26, years.

Vedic astrologers get around this problem by using the sidereal zodiac, it keeps moving with precession. However this system is still based on the incorrect assumption that these 12 equal divisions reflect the influence of the irregularly shaped constellations. The rules of Vedic astrology are based on this. When the tropical zodiac was developed, zero degrees of Aries matched up with the first star in constellation Aries.

That star is now at 3 degrees Taurus.

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Ptolemy and the Hellenistic astrologers that followed knew about precession but they chose to ignore it. It really matters now. Astronomers and skeptics can easily make astrology a laughing stock because of precession and they continually do so. I use the zodiac at it was originally intended, preferring to use the tropical zodiac to describe the position of the stars and planets. The interpretation comes from the relationship between the planets — the aspects, and from the influence of the fixed stars.

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The great astrologer Johannes Kepler had a solution to this problem — he basically abandoned the zodiac and built his astrological system around the aspects between the planets. He thought that the zodiac itself was merely a human geometry exercise and primarily served to aid the memory of astrologers as they computed aspects in their heads.

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